Monday, January 11, 2010

The Art of Non Negotiation.

What do you do when your baby howl in hunger and you want to sleep??? Do you just snuggle in the blanket while the baby cry.

What do you do when the first thing in morning you need to prepare breakfast for your hubby?? I am a late riser but still I get up on time to give my husband a decent breakfast because I don't like him to start a day on hungry stomach.

What do you do when someone in your family is sick??? Do you tell them I am very tired after work and I am in no mood to attend to you.

What do you do when your boss ask you to complete a project in 2 days when you hate the stuff like anything??? Do you ask the boss to give the project to someone else.

No we don't do this. These are some non negotiable situations. We will leave everything in this world to feed our husband, family, to attend to the need of our loved ones. At work we will give our 100%, we don't negotiate on showing our potential.

What do you do when at the end of the day you need to exercise??? What do you do when you need to give just 45 minutes in a day to achieve your dream of weighing less.....YOU NEGOTIATE. "Lets do it tomorrow, I am too tired to do it today", "Where is the time to exercise".

In my initial days of weight loss, walking was NON-Negotiable. The moment I use to start feeling I am not up to it, I would remind myself 'hey this is non negotiable'.

Exercise is the only NON-Negotiable thing in weight loss. Sorry the lift to reach weight loss is out of order, you will have to take the stairs.

Like everyone else I don't like exercise either but still it is non -negotiable to me. I stand on my elliptical trainer and say 'OK, I don't have to do this the whole day, only 45 minutes'. When the initial 10-15 minutes are gone and I feel bored I refuse to step down.

The trick is to keep moving in the time slot allotted to exercise. Even if you are damn bored you have to keep going. Once you learn this trick, you will happily stick to your exercise schedule.

Listen to music, think something, watch something but no matter what don't quit. Remember this is Non-Negotiable.


  1. wow!! your really good, exercise is non negotiable, i should just drum that in my head.

  2. Your words are so motivating !!!!!

    Shall fix this up in my mind and follow this rule very strictly from Monday .

    dont ask me why ...we are going out on weekend thats why.i cant argue with dh over food when with friends but then i can definitely control my portions.

  3. Dear Smile,

    Will wait for your update starting Monday. Do keep me updated with your weight loss progress.




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