Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ek Choti Si Fat Story

Once upon a time there was a fat girl who met a not so fat boy. They became friends and to girl's utmost surprise the 'not at all fat boy' proposed her.

The girl was surprised and she asked the boy "Are you Ok with the way I am", the boy replied "Yes, I don't care for your physical appearance but I do care from what you are from inside".

So they got married. Though people in the wedding reception kept thinking what the boy has actually seen in the girl. You actually cannot see much because she is covered with layers of fat.

Time passed and both of them were oh so much in love. They were so much in love that they started resembling each other. Their love grew and their size grew.

Both wore size 38 jeans and both shared T-shirts because the girl could easily fit into the boys shirt.

Both will celebrate their love with food. They were such good friends that they will go in restaurants and spend hours together and eat slowly lots of food that they just loved to eat.

At home they will snuggle together in a sofa with pots of food in front and watch their favorite serials.

They were so happy until the tragedy hit.

The fat little girl entered a clothes department and there were such lovely clothes. She picked a few and went to the trial room and to her horror none fit. Though she was not pregnant, it was the maternity clothes that fitted her perfectly. The fat little girl was sad. Oh, she so much wanted to wear those short clothes. And once before she die in this life, she wanted to wear those short clothes desperately and so had to take the heart ranching decision to loose weight.

The fat boy never saw the need for the girl to change but he anyways gave her support to loose the weight. Her told her in sad voice to do whatever she wants as long as he is not expected to loose weight.

And for the love of his life he made so great sacrifices. He would sit alone on the sofa and watch the television while the girl would stand and iron the clothes because now she needed to move while watching TV.

Their lovely short trips to restaurants were over and oh he cannot now grab the french fries when the girl was around.

The fat little boy made such great sacrifices (like hiding and eating samosas all by himself), but then he started seeing the sunlight in this darkness. He no longer has to worry about his desert in the fridge which previously his wife would finish off, now he gets to eat that all by himself. He could eat the pizza by himself and the best part was his wife will give half her share to the fat little boy.

Life was getting better and better for the boy.

The fat little girl shrunk and the fat little boy remained fat.

Those of you who are feeling sad for all the weight gain of fat little boy because of the wretched selfish fat little girl, click here Husband In Wonderland

Now they no longer resemble each other, now they no longer celebrate with lots of food in front of them. And yes they are so much in love still.

They lived happily ever after with less food.

Moral Of the story - There are very few people in our lives that will value us not for the physical aspects but for the qualities that we carry within. These people don't see our bodies but they see our souls. Treasure such people.
Loose weight for your needs and for your desires and not for anyone else. Only you have the power to change yourself and no one can make you what you are not. And yes, if your husband is huge DON'T resemble him.


  1. awww how cute, your so lucky to hav such a wonderful hubby :D

  2. its such a cute story .... superlike!!!


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