Sunday, January 10, 2010

Journey so far.

I never remember myself as thin. Was and always was fat. Now to think of it, there is nothing bad about being fat as long as you are happy with yourself and for that matter for a very long time I have been very happy with my (fat) self. But one fine day I guess I decided to loose weight, in fact I have always been on the quest to loose weight but always had given up as it was too difficult to make changes to my routine, my lifestyle and of course my eating habits.

So far I have reduced 19kgs. I started from being between 85-86 Kgs to now being 66 kgs. It feels great as if I have won the battle of my life but sadly I still have 9 more kgs to go down before I declare winning the war.

This blog is an attempt to help people who are caught in the rut of wanting to loose weight and not being able to do so.

So come join me in my journey to loose 9 more kilograms. I will let you know about the wisdom gained and the mistakes committed in the journey so far. How I lost weight and how I am going to do so further.

I sincerely hope that this blog helps you make peace with your body and weight.

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  1. Hi siva, Im ruby i need to loose weight aswell, the last time i checked my weight i was 80kg, and i need to go down to atleast 58 kg, so i guess i have the same goal as you. I read some of your posts but stopped to start from the beginning of your blog, hopefully i get motivated.


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