Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Super Duper Tomato Oats Soup

This is a super soup. It is super tasty, super nutritious and super easy to make.

This can be a mini meal for you or you can have it with your major meals. Its filling and satisfying.


1. 3 Big Tomatoes.

2. 4-5 piece garlic

3. 1 carrot.

4. 1/2 green chili (optional)

5. Salt to taste.

6. 2 tablespoon Oats.


1. In a pressure cooker, pressure cook tomatoes, carrots,garlic and chili. Add sufficient water. Mix salt as well.

2. once the veggies are boiled blend them in a blender.

3. Put back on stove and wait for a boil to come. When the soup starts boiling add oats. Let the soup thicken. Adjust salt as per your taste.

4. Serve hot and enjoy.


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