Monday, January 11, 2010

The Tale of My 2009 Dairy

When 2009 started I bought myself a dairy to document the food I eat and I ended up not filling the dairy for first 4 months, I did earnestly fill it up for 1-2 days in initial excitement and forgot about it the next day.

Now, its no secret that if you write what you eat you will unconsciously evaluate your eating habit but how to write in the dairy every single day.

As the weight loss thingy was coming up good, I kept the dairy on my computer table where I was forced to see it every single day. And when it was just a hand away filling it up was not very hard. For 2-3 days I had to force myself to do it but then it came naturally to me.

Slowly the dairy became my companion, it was in my purse at office and practically everywhere I went.

If you do anything for 21 days it becomes a habit, writing to my dairy became a habit and man what a habit it is, I bought one for 2010 too.

The dairy of 2009 is now complete and I am not ever throwing it away because it hold my struggles and my success.

It is always a pleasure to just look back to pages and exclaim 'oh my god, I weighed this much and ate this much' OR 'hey this is where I started loosing more weight should I start eating what I ate those days'.

2009 dairy is a dairy of success, the dairy that shows my weight coming down and how my eating habit changed.

Track your weight loss. Be passionate about it and have an honest companion like a dairy. You can cheat everyone but not yourself. When you will write in a dairy you will be forced to see what has sneaked in and what has gone out.

A good dairy should at a glance tell you how much weight you lost in a month, you should be able to track it down in the annual planner.

One simple yet crucial secret of weight loss is maintaining a food dairy and all along we knew about this secret didn't we.


  1. Im going to follow that aswell, and i also am a member on indusladies, and on my last attempt i reported to the weightloss buddies thread and that was such a motivation. should continue that aswell.

  2. Thank you so much ruby for your feedbacks and comments. You made my day. I am glad if this blog helped you in any way. Hope to see you on indusladies and lets start the project together. You will soon be at your target.

    I went to your blog but was not able to post a comment, it won't let me. So I just hope you see this comment and get back to me.

    Looking forward to hear your progress on weight loss.

    Have a great great day ahead.


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