Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting Project Weight Loss

Do you remember the excitement as a child to start and finish a project. When we start and complete anything there is a sense of achievement.

At work I loved documenting my project, I always had my own progress tracking file, to know where I started, where I am going and where I will finish.

Project weight loss can be fun if you decide to start it. Basics are simple but you need to follow them to the T.

For this project you will need

1. Weighing Scale - If you hate to weigh yourself, this is a good place to start. I hated to weigh myself until I decided to loose for good. Most fat people don't weigh themselves. Just by ignoring something will not make it go away. Make it a point to weight yourself twice a week. This will help to prevent any further weight gain, so if you won't loose you will not gain either.

2. Food dairy - A very lethal tool. Before eating mindfully just write down whatever you eat and at the end of the day see how much went inside your stomach. This will also help you to see your weak timezones i.e the time of the day when you are extremely hungry and grabbed anything in sight and stuffed yourself. You can track this in the dairy and prepare yourself.
For me 6:00 pm was the time, when I was extremely hungry and would love to have a vada pav after office, now I have tofu slice and tea :). And no matter what, I am always prepared for my 6:00 pm hunger. Check out my dairy here The Tale of My 2009 dairy

3. Good pair of walking shoes - Walking is the best exercise, own a good pair of shoes and make walking your ME time. Let no one disturb you in your walking hour and walk away the pounds.

4. Pre Cooked Meals - I will write a whole article on this one but for now you should always be prepared. I always have something healthy in my fridge to grab and eat when the hunger hits home.

5. Weight Log - I had my weight log on If you log your weight when there is 1 KG change, you will be motivated in seeing the chart. Mine is attached below.

6. Believe - This is the most important thing. Believe you will loose weight and believe that you will start and finish this project.


  1. i just finished reading through all your!! ur amazing, i wanna be like you lol...its night now, so from tomorow, im going to make some postive changes :) lets hope that i dont fall off again.

  2. Hi There,
    Ur blog is simply awesome....and u write it so well.
    Since I am an Indian, ur low cal dishes are a real help to me.
    Keep up the good work and pls keep writing.

  3. Dear Shinibli,

    Thanks so much for your appreciation dear. I am glad you like my blog and the dishes.

    Have a great day ahead.



  4. new to ur blog and I sat and read thru all ur posts... loved it... Think we were twins separated at birth... I was obese... and did the same things (yes, exactly the same things) uve mentioned in ur blogs and lost 30 kgs... when I read thru ur posts it was like going down memory lane... following u...

  5. Dear Sojo,

    Wow, 30 kgs wow. When will I lose 30 kgs. I am so happy to meet you :) :) :).

    A big welcome to my blog.

    Lots of love to you.



  6. Hi dear... well, the fact is I lost 32 kgs...but was looking all bones and everyone scolded me (coz my face really went in)... so due to popular demand, increased 4 kg and maintaining that.... :))) and I have to say, each of ur post is my experience... walking inside the society as if i was practicing for some upcoming international sports event... jogging in place inside my flat... etc etc etc and also precooked meals plus portion control, plus refusing to eat out or order in ... the only difference is Iam a morning instead of ur 11:30 pm, I used to wake up at 4am and go for my walks.... keep in touch...

  7. Dear Sojo,

    You are awesome. Wow, 35 kgs, awesome work girl. I am so impressed.
    When I saw your profile pic I thought you are a young girl (probably a college student):) :). Could never imagine you overweight.

    Lots and lots of love to you.



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