Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weight Loss and Busy Bee

The biggest myth about weight loss is that you do not have to eat. The only truth about weight loss is that not only you have to eat, you have to eat lots and that too healthy stuff.

With lots of healthy eating things become a bit more interesting if you are Ms. Busy Bee.

If from the moment you get up from bed till you hit it back at night, you have no idea where your day pass by then its possible that weight loss and exercising is the last thing on your mind. Right now as I am in the busy bee shoes, I suddenly have a great respect for women who are busy and are opting for weight loss.

With a tight busy schedule we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the to do list. There are only 2 basic rules for weight loss, one is to eat right and the other is to exercise. SO how can you follow the rules when you are busy the whole day and feel tried at the end of the day to exercise.

1. Being Prepared: At the end of the day when you are mentally and physically drained, its very convenient to reach out for a junk option. Remember, a roti and sabji is far better than a cheese sandwich and burger.

As weekdays are crazy busy for me, on weekends I cut and keep my vegetables in the fridge. It takes 2-3 hours of a movie or TV viewing while I chop and store.

It makes life very easy. Your meal is prepared in flat 10 -15 minutes.

The pic below is the stock of my cut vegetables which help me to get through my week.

Keep daal, daliya and curd ready in your fridge. Sometimes when the moment you enter in home you are hungry as hell. A bowl of daal, daliya accompanied with vegetable dish and raita keeps me sane and prevents mindless eating.

2. Snacking on the run : Even if you do not feel hungry while at work put an alarm in your clock to snack. This will stop you from feeling extremely hungry during dinner time. I find 5 soaked almonds quiet satisfying and a great mini snack. I soak them overnight and the carry them with me in an aluminum foil.

If you workout after office hours then make sure to eat something light one hour before exercising, this will keep your energy levels high and you won't feel drained out. I bake lots of oats and wheat bran mathries and carry one with myself everyday to work. I eat it one hour before hitting the gym. As oats and bran both are complex carbs it gives me a full feeling and keeps my energy up enough to exercise.

3. Exercise:
I will be lying to you if I say that you will be motivated to workout when you feel tired, having said that many ladies including me do go to the gym in spite of a busy schedule. When my days got busier my motivation to hit the gym went down the drain, so I sat down and decided on the things I can do and the things I can't. It seem that I can manage 45 - 50 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. Once I decided on 5 days a week, if I missed out on weekdays I hit the gym on weekends.

4. If you cannot invest straight 50 minutes to exercising : Then best way to do is to break the exercise in 10-15 minutes slot. Just in case if you think it won't work then let me tell you that exercising in small breaks is far better than not exercising at all. I went through the initial period of adjusting with my busy schedule and there was no time nor strength left for me to exercise. So for those days I negotiated. 10 -20 minutes in morning and 20 minutes in evening when I am back at home. So from doing nothing at all I managed atleast 30 -40 minutes of exercising in a day.

You can read any health article, any research paper and they will tell you that exercising in small slots work and you can also take my word for it that it works. It works because, something is always better than nothing.

Remember being healthy and looking good is your dream not anybody else's, so its you who will have to work for it and no one else will do this for you.

Its your battle and only you CAN rise for the fight.


  1. ah!!! A post that i can relate to. Been trying to start a diet and having s difficulty in keeping up. Ur tips are handy & yes I agree with veggies cuitt half the job is done!

  2. Dear Smitha,

    Welcome to my blog. I love your blog and I am a regular reader of your blog. Though looking at your pic I do not think you need to go on a diet but I did read your post about the marriage in Jabalpur and I understand. BTW, my hometown is jabalpur :).

    Thanks for finding my tips useful.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. hey, finally you resurface. Had been checking your blog for a long time and there was no trace of you lady. Where have you been? Thanks for a nice article and hey please post the recipe of your mathris. Am sure they wouldn't be fried.

  4. My Dear Sscribbles,

    Yeh I finally resurfaced. Was busy with work. My next post is about baked mathries, will upload in a day or two.

    Thanks a ton for checking out the blog for me, that was real nice of you.

    Lots of love to you.



  5. Hi Shiva, Good to see you after so long, just like scribbles me too was checking out for you to come out with something healthy and nice for all of us.. looking forward to your recipes and post .. take care..

  6. Dear Souls Speaks,

    Thanks a ton for checking my blog and waiting for me to come back. Will post more recipes soon.

    Lots of love


  7. Dear Shiva,

    Good to see your post. This is an apt topic since most women are multi-tasking and have busy schedules. Do keep posting here whenever you have a moment!

  8. Dear Work_in_progress,

    Thanks for visiting the blog. I am trying to publish one post a week, hope I stick to this decision.

    Have a great day ahead.




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