Thursday, April 22, 2010

Partners in Crime

Love is shown in all forms. Some show love by caring for each other and some by clawing each other but there are also those who show love by eating food together in one plate with each other. Affection is shown in the strangest gestures.

I have tried to control myself a lot but I just can't help checking out the other person's plate. In restaurants the food on the other table looks so much better than what I have ordered but the saddest part is I never get to know the name of the dish the other person is eating. So you can see how much I am fond of noticing whats on other people's plate.

Of late I have stopped controlling myself, whats the use when I end up sneaking anyways.

The plates and eating habits of others have great answers to some real complex questions of life such as "Why are these guys so fat???".

Once I went for a lunch to one of our relatives. The table was loaded with real yummy and rich food. Now there was husband and wife couple who were no fat but obese. If you have seen my past photos then the lady in question was 3 times my old size and her husband was huger. Both the family sides of the couple were huge.

Now when the lunch was served, the couple served their food in one plate. They told us that after marriage they have always eaten in one plate, thats the way their love holds.

Now as with my habit I was not only counting my tandoori naan intake but also my husbands and also of others (sorry to be mean but that is the way I am guys). I could actually count for all others but I lost my count for this couple. I really don't know how much naans they had. When the desert was served they never bothered to share the desert, they took it in separate bowls.

I have known the girl before her marriage and she was fat but never obese. After marriage she just grew more in size. Can you see why????

By eating in one plate neither her husband nor she were reaching any satisfaction. The moment she has taken 2 bytes of naan the rest of the naan is finished by her husband so she takes another naan, and the same process is repeated. She and her husband has no idea how much naan they have actually eaten, same goes for rice and other heavy stuff.

If a thin couple eat in one plate and are not putting an inch on, great please keep doing it. But if you are growing in size by eating together then its time to separate the plates now.

Our crime partners are the ones with whom we can eat as much as we want and with whom our calories doesn't count. These people eat more than us so we are in the comfort zone of thinking that we are eating less but hey no we are not.

The food on my plate is my food and it better gives me the satisfaction. So, if I have 1 roti full without sharing it with hubby, I will feel much happy and will love my husband more rather than eating endless amount and having no clue how much went inside me.

Your satisfaction is also visual. That is why you stick to a particular amount of food, like 2 rotis in lunch. If this visual is hampered then you are bound to eat more.

Sharing desert is a great idea but eating in one plate with endless servings is not.

Your love doesn't grow by eating in one plate but your size does.


  1. Hahaha I liked the last line! So true!

    I also think of both the partners are obese it makes it much easier for them to lose weight as they have a 'diet buddy' or 'work-out buddy' ready at home!

    :-) As usual, enjoyed reading this one.

  2. Dear R.P,

    Thanks for reading and enjoying the post. True, they can be great partners in losing weight. Nothing like losing together.

    Have a great day.



  3. Hey...great blog..You inspired me to take the first step towards my goal of reducing weight...:) I have started off taking a lot of tips from your experience..:)

  4. Dear Lilangel,

    I am glad that my experiences help someone out there. All the best dear friend, if you need any support or help just give me a shout.

    Have a great day ahead and thanks for reading.



  5. Hey..

    It's nice very nice...


    (We will be awaiting your answer...)


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