Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Busy Bee

If you take a moment out of your life and observe people around you, you will find real nice characters in your life. If you envy someone for being so thin observe how she leads her life. And if you know someone (other than yourself) who is fat, observe her life too.

Observations give you answers to the biggest question of life "Why the hell I am like this and she is not.???"

Everyone of us has some strength and weakness. Weight loss is all about accepting our weakness and enhancing our strength.

In this 4 part series I will describe few characters of my life, a typical day of their lives, their strength and their weakness and why are they the way they are.

My Sister - Ever since my childhood I have secretly prayed for her to be fat. My mother tells me this creature was a very lousy eater. It was very difficult to make her eat in her teens as well. She is a tortoise personified, she will eat her little plate of food for hours on end.

My prayers were finally answered when my sister was pregnant. I was so happy for once to see her in my clothes. I was bouncing with joy. To my horror, she went back to be 56 kgs even after having 2 kids. I am back to secretly praying to god to show me some mercy and make her fat.

And to top it all, she says she is eating to keep herself at 56 kgs because she will look skinny if she loose more. Lady, here is someone struggling to be at 56 kgs, at least eat and be 80 kgs to show this someone some respect.

Any ways, here is her typical day

- She gets up at 5:30 am. Wake the kids up and send them to school. This includes dressing them up and leaving them to the society gate, waiting for the bus to come. 9:00 am she has her breakfast.

Breakfast - 2 aloo sandwiches OR 2-3 parathas OR poha/upma 1 big full plate.

Then she goes on a cleaning spree. She is continuously moving around the house in top speed cleaning and doing house chores. She also does her gardening in this time. She says she has to do as much as possible before the kids come back.

She has her Lunch at 2:00 pm which is 2 roties, rice, sabji, dhal and raita.

The kids come back and are fed and put to bed for a nap. Then she paints because the only free time to engage in her hobby is when the kids sleep. If she is extremely tired then she catches a nap.

5:30 pm she makes tea, wake the kids, take them to park for an hour, then teach them. She has her dinner at 9.00 pm which is 2-3 roties and sabji. With rest of the house work and putting the kids to bed and all, she goes off to sleep by 12.00/12.30 am to again wake up to start her day at 5:30 am in the morning.

On a serious note now, it is very difficult to ask her to even taste food in between her meals. She hates to eat in between her meals. I exercise very vigorously but when I tried following her day I was so damn tired. I have never seen her siting around and lying on bed. She seems to be moving always. She doesn't sit and watch TV, she doesn't have a cable because she wants her kids to grow up without one (what kind of people are these???).

The reason why I struggle with my weight is because I am not as active as her. I am a late riser and I hate house work. My weight loss was also about being active in house. I would do chores that I hated before because that meant extra burning of calories.

If you cannot go to a gym or like my sister have no inclination to exercise, start moving around the house. There is so much to be done. Take your kids to the park and rather standing or sitting play and move with them. Stop eating between meals. One of my friend lost weight by dancing with her 2 small daughters (How cute). When she was alone at home, she would turn on the music and dance with the kids for sometime, even in parties once the music started we used to see her dancing with her kids. It doesn't look odd at all and its the best exercise.

I understand that metabolism differs, but it is scientifically not possible for a person to be highly active and still gain weight.

If you like watching TV, then don't sit and watch. I iron my clothes in this time, if you think that is easy then try doing it. I have found it to be a very good activity while watching TV. I ended up standing for 2 hours straight and ironing during TV time. I was damn tired at the end of it.

Remember, activity no matter how big or small adds to weight loss. If you workout its great, if you don't then starting with your house chores is not a bad idea. I noticed my sisters way of life and compared it to mine. You can pick anyone else to see what are they doing differently to be at your desired weight.

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  1. I must tell you that I love reading your post.I was that plump kid and can empathize a lot with you.Only thing is that I clanged my life style and increased my metabolism when I passed by school.
    Still i am struggling to get into 28 waist jeans..I guess i have become a psycho now:P

    Please keep writing and blogging:)

  2. Dear Anamika,

    You are so sweet, you read my posts as soon as I updated them. I have always been a fat kid (not plump)

    Wow 28 inch jeans, I wonder if ever in this lifetime will be able to fit into them but trying never hurts.

    Thank you so much for your appreciation sweetheart.



  3. I want to become like your sister, not the weight part, that is obvious, but be organized like her. She is amazing!

  4. Thanks for sharing the "case studies."

  5. Dear Rads,

    Hahahahah, every one wants to be like her but I get tired only by seeing her move.

    Thanks for reading buddy.

    Have a great day ahead.



  6. Hey Shiva,

    I was not fat compared to you but i was weighing 56 kg when i was barely in my 6th standard.
    Also my height is 5ft 1 so you can imagine:)


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