Monday, April 12, 2010

A Fridge Full of Goodies.

The best part of weight loss is that you fail. More than success its the failures that teach us how to be prepared for the next round.

Lets see a real life situation, if my husband is coming home for lunch I usually keep the lunch prepared but if not then I am like 'why bother, I will cook something for myself when I am hungry'. And when the hunger strikes, I am so damn hungry that all I can make is instant noodles and while noodles are cooking I also grab few snacks. It happened for 2-3 days and of course the weighing scale never lie and out goes my wisdom and in comes a complete diet failure.

What I did next was, I kept daal, daliya, veg raita in my fridge. The moment I was hungry all I had to do was take 2-3 spoons of daalia with lots of daal and microwave it and have it with raita. I was so satisfied with just a bowl of this in contrast to a packet of noodles and few chips. We won't even argue here about the calorie difference in my 2 meals not to forget the nutritional value.

I know freshly cooked meals are good for health but then I also know that I am someone who will get extremely hungry and won't be able to control the hunger (come on we all are different). A pre cooked meal is far better than instant food that you bought from the super market.

Now here is the suggestion for pre cooked meals -

Make sure that it is a staple, something that will satisfy you for 2-3 hours. It won't help if it is high in calorie. So analyze what you like to eat as an individual meal which is healthy and low cal.

I always store, daal, starchless rice, raita, daalia, sabji, fruits, amul paneer, mushrooms, tofu and some dosa batter.
I do this because I have done research on the times when I am hungry and what makes me really satisfied.

I never left eating paneer during my weight loss, its tasty and it makes you feel full. So, if I am late and have to cook a quick sabji all I have to do is put tomato and paneer together in a pan and add some spices and serve with roti. I do this many times because I avoid eating out and after an outing I have no strength to cook food.

My this simple preparation saves me few calories from outside eating and also saves on time.

Sauteed mushrooms and frozen veggies are also good. I put the frozen veggies like peas, corn with few pieces of paneer and microwave for 3 minutes. Sprinkle salt, black pepper and oregano. I have big bowl of this to curb my hunger.

So before starting the weigh loss analyze yourself for 2-3 days, note the times when you are hungry and what you ate. Then write a low calorie substitute for it. Evaluate, were you able to control yourself to cook a healthy meal or were you so hungry that you garbed anything in sight.

There is nothing better than being prepared. If we are prepared for what is going to hit us we will be able to hit back and that too with a long strong shot.


  1. Oh my goodness...your write like you know exactly what I am doing!! I skip a proper lunch and end up eating junk.

  2. Can I leave a link to your blog on a forum? There is this site - and there is a forum topic on health and fitness. Your blog is such an inspiration! Please do let me know if its ok or you can join in yourself..just telling cos your blog is pretty good.

  3. Dear Rads,

    I write all this because this exactly what I have done for past so many years.

    Thanks for commenting and please feel free to post my blog link on the forum.



  4. That's what makes it so good..can really tell its not just write-ups but something truly doable.

  5. Wanted to pass on an award to you, if it's okay by you. Please do drop by and check :-)


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