Monday, January 11, 2010

Shrink thy Stomach.

The art of having all the goodies and still not gaining weight lies int the secret of small stomach.

We all know that our stomachs are small and like so many people in this world we have expanded it to satisfy our hunger for food that tastes yummy (never mind even if it is cooked in lots of oil).

I never knew that when I decided to eat a little less than usual and eat sensibly I will end up shrinking my stomach. Today I do eat out, eat food that I love but believe me I cannot eat even half the quantity that I used to have in my old fat days. The other day we ate out and I could eat only 1/2 masala dosa and that too I felt that my stomach would burst.

This is how you can begin reducing your diet.
But before starting please keep in mind don't reduce your calorie intake too much. It won't help and you will simply skip the whole point of reducing weight and keeping it off for good.

1. Decide which of the 3 meals are important to you and don't touch that meal at all. For me my breakfast is most important and I never made changes to it. Having a good breakfast is important. I really have no idea how one can reduce breakfast.

2. Lets say for lunch if you have 2-3 chappaties + rice + daal + sabji. Now if you are super active then this meal won't add an inch to your waist and you will not be reading my article. But if you are fat and you know that your meals should be altered but you are worried about the hunger then read on.

Start by having half the meal, in the above case 2 chappaties at max +daal +sabji and no rice. Rice and chappaties should not mix at all. If you have to have rice with chappaties, then have little rice and skip one more roti.

Now wait for 2-3 hours for the next meal. Chances are you will be hungry initially, so keep cucumber, boiled sprouts, salads handy. If you are looking at the salad and saying I can't eat this, then lets face it YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY because in hunger you will eat these with absolute delight.

After 2-3 hours hungry or not eat a light snack, like puffed rice bhel or fruit etc. Wait for another 3 hours, keep the cucumber-salad-sprout stuff handy in case of hunger.

At this point of time its probably dinner time repeat what you did for lunch.

Its always a great idea to have lots of soup and salads for dinner. But you can start by gradually decreasing your meal.

You will notice a decrease in your appetite within 2-3 days. You can take help from a dietitian if you want.

I am not an expert but I did research and I studied my own self and it was clear to me that with the kind of life style I have I was eating way too much than required.

You can be a working person, a mom with active kids, a house wife, anyone but if you are over weight then some where something is wrong with your food habit.

To start your journey to weight loss make use of GOOGLE. See how much calories your lifestyle burns and decide for yourself. It is scientifically not possible until and unless you are suffering from rarest of rare disease where you eat less and still put on weight. You are overweight because you are over eating.

Check out my old fat days diet and present day diet here


  1. Love the information you shared shiva,its useful a lot to me,as i have started weight loss from feb20th,seriously, with protein rich diet and i lost 7kgs till now. cheers..

  2. Dear Kanthi,

    Thanks for liking the post. Wow, 7 kgs, congrats dear. Do keep me posted about your weight loss progress.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. very inspiring to read your experiences...pls keep writing.
    I am struggling to loose 5 kilos of weight which is so difficult since I am a big foodie.

    best wishes,

  4. Dear Shipra,

    Thanks for liking the blog. I will soon resume my writing.

    All the best for your weight loss.

    Lots of love to you.



  5. Its real difficult when your companion is a real foodie and demands good food all tym.. I m going through that phase.. You're great tat your overcame tat hurdle



  6. Dear Amrin,

    It takes time to say NO to food when your spouse is having all the food fun in life BUT eventually a NO does happen.

    Have a great day ahead.



  7. hi
    i m also a fat chic
    i feel very hungry all times
    when i get bored or feel lonely, i opt to eat bread butter.
    ihave tried green tea but no effects.
    please tell me how to start and stay on without being hungry
    i can't control my hunger

  8. Dear Sulekha,

    Its always wise to opt for better food choices. Have proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meals have fruits and drink buttermilk. When you tend to eat due to boredom and loneliness then opt for fruits instead of bread and butter. Don't get butter in your house to break the habit.

    Hope this helps.




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