Monday, January 11, 2010

Where is the glory in loosing weight???

Have you ever wondered, where is the glory in loosing weight??? Why one feels as if she is capable of achieving anything in this world if she has lost few kg (believe me this is the feeling that one has after loosing weight)??? SO why does loosing weight gets us compliments??? Is it because in these times one is rated only on her looks and no longer on her brains and behavior.

I guess the glory lies in fighting with self. We all can fight with others, with the world, family, enemies and friends but it is toughest to fight with one's own self. And the real strength comes in saying 'NO' when all you want to do is to eat another piece of cake when your stomach is ready to burst.

Glory lies in standing up against self to correct self and loving self no matter what??

/** Aaah my precious pearls of wisdom again **/

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  1. That is so true, i cannot fight with my self, and its so bad, i have no self discipline what so ever...i really need to acquire it...i start something then if something interferes i stop and dont start again, so i start going to the gym and eating right and one small piece of chocolate is enough to throw me off and my next meal would be junk and i wont see the gym for another month.


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