Monday, January 11, 2010

No Harm in Trying.

This tale is about my days of being huge. So, there I was in the party and in front of me there was this woman who was easily 120 + kgs and there she was standing looking so thin.

Now every time I had asked a person how they lost their weight I ended up thinking "What a LIAR". Now I had known this lady for sometime and she was really very sweet and simple and if anything she will never lie to a living soul. So I went up to her and asked her how she did it???

Her answer was simple, she said alternate days 'I eat only fruits and soups and on normal days I eat normal everyday food'. I was like thats it, giving up food only for alternate days, to add to this she was not into exercising. Well there was no reason to doubt this lady and the her method seemed simple to me.

But "the greedy hungry me" that I was, I decided to try this on one meal. I thought OK I am not spending any money on this and I will leave it if this arrangement will not suit me. SO I switched my dinner to fruits and soups, I ate till I was full. It was not an easy task initially because even when I was full I had a carving to eat something a paratha, but how much can u really eat when you have a stomach full of soup and yes I had to show all the courage in this world to say no to my cravings.

Slowly the dinner was satisfying and no more craving to fight. Morning I will get up hungry and have my usual breakfast, lunch as usual but dinner was different.

And guess what, the weight scale twitched, after so many years it went down instead of going up.

As long as something does not involve lots of money, will not kill you or harm you in any way...I guess there is no harm in trying. We might just say 'hey this can't be true, it can't be this simple to loose weight'. But before saying that just do a self check, "Have you tried the technique or not"??

So why not give something a try before rejecting it in your mind.


  1. thats really interesting, i should try it out...and i could make batches ahead and ill save time aswell.

  2. I know to make only carrot tomato soup and chicken corn soup.

    Shall try this idea shiva !!!!!

    Thanks for being such a dear helping out people !!!!!


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