Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Low Cal Triangle Paratha

Nothing beats a cosy breakfast, when you sit in the kitchen and hot parathas are served to you on your plate. My mom would knead the dough in oil and then to form layers inside the paratha she would again apply oil and would then fry the parathas in oil. Heavenly.

The best way to enjoy these parathas were with mango pickle. Nothing beats a breakfast of triangle paratha, mango pickle and a hot cup of tea.

But a weight loss diet does not allow that much oil. 1 paratha has enough oil to make 1 full vegetable dish.

I had tried the less oil version and they used to come out hard or the layers won't form properly.

Then few days back I read on wiseshe.com that if we knead the dough in curd the parathas will turn out soft. I tried and viola, soft layered triangle parathas. Yumm and heavenly without much oil.

Check them out here : http://www.wiseshe.com/2010/05/how-to-make-soft-chapatiparatha-without.html


1. 1 cup wheat flour.

2. Curd

3. 1 tsp oil for 3 to 4 parathas or As many as you can make.

4. Salt to taste


1. Wheat flour and salt is mixed together and the dough is kneaded in the same way
as we knead the roti dough.

The trick here is to add little curd and then knead, then again add little curd. Keep doing till you get a ball of dough which is soft and non sticky. Its better to add little curd and knead rather than adding lots of curd at one go. Softer the dough the better it is.

2. Always take out 1 tsp of oil in a katori and keep aside. This will give you a proper measure of how much oil has gone in how many parathas.

3. Now, take a small ball of dough in your hand and roll in a round.

4. Drop 5 - 6 drops of oil all over the round and spread.

5. Fold the round and drop 2 drops of oil and spread.

6. Now fold again to make a triangle.

7. Nicely dust the triangle with the flour. Now roll the triangle.

8. Now grill on a pan. Make sure not to over cook. Flip when one side is cooked lightly.

Take little oil. I just dip the spoon in the oil and then take it out. There is no oil in the spoon but the spoon is coated with oil. I use this back of the spoon and run on both side.

If you are not comfortable doing this. Then just drop few drops of oil on both sides of the paratha and spread.

9. Cook the paratha well.

10. You can break the paratha to see the layers.

I can make 3 - 4 paratha with 1 tsp of oil which is good for 2 of us.

Soft, tasty and yum.



  1. Hey Shiva!!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing the tip with the readers and giving the link..

    Simple paratha without oil is great!!!

    You know I make stuffed paratha this way..Just add grated cauliflower or boiled peas in the paratha and cook paratha the same way.

    Hope i get to c my recipe which I asked..:D
    i will keep asking you till you make it for me:D

    Have a great day ahead:)



  2. Dear Anamika,

    I learnt this trick of kneading the dough in curd from your website, so you get the credit.

    I made that dish today, will upload in a day or two. I was waiting to cut those many veggie and make that dish and finally I did it today.

    Have a great day honey.




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