Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Yum Mum

Another queen who conquered the weight loss kingdom.

This article is from a forum where I write and Parvathi is one of the members.

I was a chubby kid from birth and never thought being fat and chubby is bad.hahaha. I used to gorge on food and also snacks without realizing if snacks were the real time food.hahahhaa. A very voracious eater that is what I was.

During my first pregnancy i was will u believe me elephant hahahhaa during my seemandham ( The 7th month godhbarai ceremony) i was so huge and gigantic. Then after delivery also hardly did i do any exercise but gorged on all the ghee laden rice that amma used to give. Then weight was static at 77. It remained the same for 4 years even after my second delivery.

It was when my elder daughter got admitted in school that i felt so embarrassed by the way i look....i decided to go in for exercise.
I cut down rice, oil less subzis, and really watchful about every morsel i ate. Sometimes i have cried because exercise is the thing i most hated.

Then i read your tip that even if not exercising strenuously just walk but do not leave exercise. Very strict diet and cycling for 45 mins gave me the most awaited result. From 77kg in august 2009....i came to 62kg in December 2009. And i am happy to share that now i maintain the target of 60kg - 62 kg with my diet. Though now i have charted a diet plan for me..i see to it that we cannot overeat once we have made our mindset.
The only thing that i have to control however is my snacks habit.

But truly losing weight is the best exam i have passed in my life.

The diet and exercise that worked for her.


The inspiration to do exercise came only from you dear.Your post "Where is the start" inspired me again to go in for exercise regime.
I would just like to share with you about my diet plan.

Morning i used to drink 2-3 glasses of water.
A very small glass of coffee without sugar. Just half a glass.
A bowl of cornflakes with 3/4th cup of milk.

This used to temporarily satisfy my hunger. Then i used to take one fruit mostly green apple/apple/ papaya.( quarter piece).

Lunch used to be salads- cucumber, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, peanuts, olives,pomegranate seeds all very finely chopped with very little salt and pepper. I used to take a bowl of salad first.

Then without oil chappati -2 and subzi without oil or with less oil. Generally used to prepare subzi's in nonstick kadai.
If not eating chappati used to have oats khicdi or broken wheat khicdi with lots of veggies in it.

I completely avoided rice and now also take rice only on weekends.

Evening- It was tea with less sugar and 2 biscuits.

Night - Early dinner- Soup and Fruits.
If very hungry used to take 1 bowl of subzi.

I sacrificed papads, pickles, full fat curd and switched to low fat milk and low fat buttermilk.

Exercise very regularly 45 mins cycling when watching t.v. Earlier children used to bug me when i used to do exercise but then used to do it with 10 mins break as kids are very small - one is 4 years old and the other is 2 years old.

Now the intake is very limited. I want to eat this same food till i am alive other than doc telling me to go to bland food in old age.My parents are highly diabetic and hence doc seriously advised me if i dont lose weight i may be prone to a large no. of ailments in young age itself. So even that got registered in my mind. Now whatever i eat i never exceed the quantity as before and i enjoy snacks and other eatables, sweets also but in very very minimum quantity.

But as you have stated enjoy exercise and weight loss as if we crib then it will surely feel like a burden. I prefer to enjoy my weight loss trip with all others sharing their lovely journey with me and making it more enjoyable.


Ask yourself this question "If she can do it why can't I??". Don't rest in peace till you get an answer and don't accept any other answer but the one that says "I can do it too".


  1. Hey Shiva,

    I know it is so hard to work out those kilos after pregnanacy and I fear that so much...

    This one is a real strict diet .Impressed by the dedication.

    and BTW which forum do you right in..Do give me thie link..will like to visit it.:)

  2. Dear Anamika,

    As I have tendency to put on weight I fear the same.

    I am a member of

    Fantastic forum which bring together women all over the world. Come and join, your tips will help so many women out there.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. again a motivating post, Shiva. one day, i too shall send you something like this ;)

  4. Dear sccribbles,

    The day you will send my your success story I will be really happy that day.

    I am dying to publish your story here and on my forum. I am 100% sure that one day I am gonna publish your success story for sure.

    Have a great day ahead my friend.



  5. Hi Shiva,
    I've been following your blog for awhile now, I really love the way you inspire and motivate us to shed those dreadful kgs..Your blog is both insightful and wise and at the same time interesting and practical..I have taken quite a few tips and have managed to shed 4 kgs in last 3-4 weeks now... my goal is to fit into a 28" waist levis again.. and I hope to get there soon.. Please continue to write and inspire, ur doing a wonderful job
    God bless


  6. Dear Renuca,

    Thanks for your appreciation. Congratulations on loosing weight. I am sure you will fit into 28 inch jeans soon.

    All the best dear friend.

    Have a great day ahead.




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