Monday, January 11, 2010

Eat to Loose and Loose to Eat

The foodie I am, I was thrilled to know that if I want to loose weight I have to eat. Thank god, thank my merciful god, I don't have to give up my lovely lovely food.

In my struggle to loose weight and with all the failed attempts I always used to wonder why can't I eat and loose. So this time around I wanted to do full research and approach my weight issue once and for all.

And this time around, if anything I was determined to EAT MYSELF to weight loss.

The smartest thing in this world is Google and if you google you will know that our body stores fat for times like starvation. That is why it will take really long for someone to die without food.

With the grace of god, I guess most of us will always get our three meals, so how to let the body know that hey no need to store, I will always be capable enough to feed myself.

The trick is to eat frequently and that to a small amount, it will keep you satisfied in the long run. In earlier fat days I had my heavy breakfast to keep me going till lunch, my heavy lunch to keep me going till dinner and my dinner and a snack in between.

Now, I have my breakfast, then after 2 hours I have something small like a banana to eat, then I have my light lunch, then again I have my evening snack with tea and because I have been eating through out, I have a light dinner.

See, I eat more frequently now but I eat far less what I used to eat and I am just as satisfied as I used to be in my fat old days.

The best part about weight loss is that you will have to eat, the best part of gaining weight is that you will loose and the best part about loosing your weight is that you can eat everything and anything on this earth without a pinch of guilt.


  1. That's just about the only sensible thing I small frequent meals/snacks. Its so irritating having to explain to ppl that kind of eating pattern.

  2. Dear Rads,

    It has become a habit to me now. I do the same even if I eat out. I eat only to sustain myself for next two to three hours. As for explaining, I tell them this is what my stomach size has become and I will puke if I eat more.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. Ya..same here..its a habit, just don't need to eat huge portions.

  4. Wow.. your blog is simply awesome. I have read some of the earlier posts. Really believe the stomach shrinks and ive experienced it myself. Infact i wrote a post about diet on Makeup and recently :

    Do check it out if you have time and please try to update frequently as it really is motivating to see someone fat going slim.. :)

  5. Dear Priyanka,

    Thanks for your compliment. I did check out the post and it is awesome, you have given a full week's diet. By the way you have a great blog too and the make up youtube video did helped me alot with eye makeup. I always wanted to learn the perfect art of applying kajal and you made it so simple.

    Thanks alot girl.



  6. A little misunderstanding here.. the blog isnt mine.. it's Rati's.. and the video you saw is of hers not mine.. I just did a few posts there.. thats it.. :)


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