Monday, June 21, 2010

Creamy Spinach Paneer

One thing that is quiet frequent in my fridge is spinach and paneer. When the hunger strikes a bowl of this dish satisfy me. This goes well on bread toast, with roti or with veggie platter and tastes amazing not to mention healthy. Its a super quick and super tasty recipe.

Ingredients :

1. 2 Medium Size onions finely chopped (feel free to use more).

2. 4 bunch spinach, blanched and roughly blended. We are not looking at a smooth paste. What we want is the grainy paste. I always blanch and cook the spinach. (feel free to use more spinach). Put the spinach leaves in hot boiling water for 1 minutes and then immediately transfer to cold water. Then take the spinach out and grind it thick.

3. 5- 6 Garlic, finally chopped.

4. 2 tsp oil.

5. 1 tsp cream (optional).

6. Crumbled paneer, 100 gms.

6. Salt to taste.


1. In a pan heat oil, add cumin seeds and then add garlic. Saute it for few seconds and then add onion pieces.

2. Saute the onion till it turns pink.

3. Add in spinach mix well and then add in paneer. Add in salt and mix well.

4. For those who get evaporated milk in mini packets, can then add that to the above spinach else you can either add cream or 1 big spoon milk. This is to give the spinach creamy taste.

5. Do not add additional water to this mixture. The consistency of this dish should be thick.

How do I eat it : This can either be my meal or snack. When I am snacking I have it with veggie platter. In this pic, there is saute vegetable in garlic and oregano, spinach -paneer and sweet potato nests. If I want to have it as a meal all I will do is replace sweet potato nest with roti.

Who says veggie platter cannot be your snack, it can be. Its way way healthier than a packet of chips. Give it a try, who knows you might end up liking it.

Enjoy this with Multigrain Roti - Read Here

Bon Apetite!!!


  1. Wow shiva i didnt know about the cream one ..I will definately try this ..and hey I tried your sabudana vada today turned out great...

    also pleassseeee can you make sauted vegetable with garlic and oregnao for me and share the recipe on the site...

    If possible:)

    Platters look so great to me that I wish to have it every day as a good afternoon healthy and so beautiful...

  2. Dear Anamika,

    Point taken dear friend. Give me a day or two and I will upload the saute vegetable recipe for you. Ofcourse its possible for me. I will be glad to do it for you.

    I am so happy that the sabudana vadas came out well.

    Anamika, even I have started associating with you as a close friend. Strange I never met you in real life but I am so used to you in my virtual one.

    Thanks for being there buddy.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. The dish looks amazing! I'm sure it tastes amazing too! Will try it out and let you know!

  4. Dear Kavya,

    Thanks for liking the recipe.

    Have a great day ahead.



  5. Hi Shiva...
    Can u pls tell me what you were having for breakfast, while u were loosing weight... The dishes and their recipes??!

    Awaiting your reply... :-)

    1. Dear Gavz,

      Though I would love to have different breakfast but I end up having sandwiches on most days. Its been always like this.

      I try to use multiseed bread (or white) and make my sandwich very healthy. I have started experimenting with new flavorful sandwiches.
      1. I use hummus as the base spread and then proceed to add salad leave, tomato, cucumber, salt and black pepper.

      2.Egg white sandwich. Either just an egg white omelet or boiled egg whites with salad leave and 1 tsp of light mayo.

      3. Grated carrot,grated cabbage, finely chopped capsicum and onion(optional), mix this mixture with a teaspoon of hung curd, add salt and black pepper, apply on breads and put it in sandwich maker.

      These are few that I eat frequently.

      I feel terribly hungry as soon as I get up so sandwich is the easiest to make and eat and it fills you up.

      Hope this helps.




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