Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lentil Pancakes - The lovely round beauties.

I have hit the jack pot with this. Lately I have been struggling to get my DH's carb consumption down. He always wants to eat and never wants to exercise on top of it he wants tasty food (there is no way to tame this creature).

Offering him lentil soup and then struggling to make him gulp was becoming a task in itself.

So once while making the preparation of lentil soup I decided to make pancakes out of it. Now, I have heard of adai but I had all the lentil soup ingredients ready and so decided to make a batter out of it.

DH loves it and now its our regular dinner. Moreover, I keep 2 of them ready in the fridge so that i can enjoy it over evening tea.


1. 1 cup dhal(yellow mung dhal/green split mug dhal/channa dhal) - I don't mix them. I make one at a time so that there is variety in taste. Soak it either over night Or for 2 -3 hours. Yellow mung dhal is good to grind in 1 hour.

2. 1 carrot crated.

3. 1 cucumber grated

3. 1/2 bottle gourd grated.

4. 5 garlic cloves.

5. 1 inch ginger.

6. 2 green chillies (optional).

7. 1 tsp cumin seeds/.

8. Salt to taste.

9. 2 tbsp curd.

Please feel free to add more veggies.


1. Grind dhal, garlic, ginger, chillies, curd and salt together and make a smooth paste.

2. Add to the batter grated carrot, cucumber and bottle gourd. Add cumin seeds as well.

3. Add water to make the consistency flowing. It should not be very thick nor very thin. It should be good enough to spread.

4. Take a non stick pan and pour little oil. I just use few drops all over the pan.

5. Spread the batter and cover with a lid. Covering for 2 minutes is important so that the pancake gets steamed.

6. When the pancake is firm enough to flip, flip it and brown the other side. Do not cover this time.

7. Serve with chutney

A) Channa dhal pancake with mango chutney

B) Green split mung dhal pancake with hummus and mirchi tekcha.

C) Yellow moong dhal pancake with coriander chutney.

8. Enjoy.

These lovely round beauties are protein packed with lots of grated veggies. They are good source of fiber too.


  1. Hi Shiva

    This is Kashvya - I actually met you in one of the other forums. I just wanted to tell you that I have been a good girl since last week - only my phone connection was down and had no access. i have decided to blog too and use that as my support system. Please do visit, support and encourage me at http://losersdelight.blogspot.com/

  2. Dear Kavya,

    Yeh I remember you met me on indusladies. Glad to know that you have started your blog. All the best my friend. Stay focused and soon you will reach your target.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. Wow re...the pancakes really look so yummy. Will try them for sure thanks for a awesome healthy recipes keep inventing more dishes like this.

  4. Wow re...the pancakes really look so yummy. Will try them for sure thanks for a awesome healthy recipes keep inventing more dishes like this.

  5. Dear Pari,

    Thanks honey for appreciating it.

    Have a great day ahead love.



  6. wow!!!these sound fun..i might try this on the weekend :)


  7. Would these work with the whole green moong dal too? Not the split green moong dal..the full version

  8. Dear Rads,

    They should.Soak the whole green dhal overnight and then make a smooth batter. I have not tried it yet but my guess is they should come out good. The only reason I did not tried the whole mung dhal version was because of the soaking time.

    Have a great day ahead.




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