Friday, April 16, 2010

Tough is Sometimes so Simple.

When I lost weight, my friends would ask me how I did it??. And I like a super heroine will go into elaborating "how mindful eating and little walking did the trick", but what I always got back from them was "I know that but you must have gone through some treatment, I have tummy fat and sure you must have done something special about your tummy." In short no one was ready to believe that the transformation in me was because of following basic simple rules that we all know and not because of some treatment.

Earlier, I was not a very different person either, I always thought that the person is lying about weight loss if what she was doing sounded extremely simple to me.

I had spent lots of money in Gyms. Twice actually. One time in college where I managed to loose eight kgs under a strict dietitian only to have the weight coming back and that too the double amount.

Second time, I hardly managed to loose 2-3 kgs thats it, I didn't loose much but I did gain back all that I lost. But in those days if people complimented me on loosing weight and when they learn that it was because of gyming, they will accept the fact easily and would also sometimes be interested in joining the gym themselves.

So in short we believe that weight loss will happen if someone is spending money on some fancy treatment but not when someone is actually following simple rules of eating right.

The truth is weight loss is damn simple, the day you decide to eat right you hit the nail on the spot.

The biggest attitude change in weight loss journey is to approach weight loss as easy and friendly.


  1. Wooo... glad to have discovered your blog. Congrats on the loss. :-) What a transformation!

  2. Dear RP,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for your appreciation.

    Have a great day.




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