Monday, August 9, 2010

Weight Loss Tip of The Day -1

Whenever we decide to start with weight loss we start by making a plan. But sometimes we do need something to just get us started. One quick way to get started with weight loss is to add a protein bowl in your meals.
You need not change your diet, just make sure that there is one full bowl of lentils like daal, rajma, channa, sprouts. If you eat sambhar then make it with lots of veggies and enjoy a big bowl with the meals.

This will help you to curb your hunger. This is a very quick way to start eating right.

So if you are just confused start with eating the right food.


  1. HI

    I saw ur pics ur look awesome..U really inspire me ..I am 90 kgs right now and have been struggling for a weight loss..

    Can u share how I go about reducing the weight like u did ??/ Thanks a lot..

  2. Hi
    You look really awesome..You inspire me..I am 90 kgs and a mother of 4 month old baby and want to reduce weight...
    Please can you help me with tips and ideas to incoporate in day to day life..
    Thanks A lot

  3. Dear Sonal,

    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your appreciation and kind words.

    Ofcourse I will tell you everything I followed.

    Write to me with your diet and also let me know if you can walk for 30 minutes.

    I wonder if you have read this post. Its an experience about a young mother who weighed 90 kgs. It might interest you.

    Don't worry, the weight will come down because now it has to :).

    Hope you will write to me.

    Have a great day ahead.



  4. Hi Shiva,

    Thanks for your quick response...I am a vegetarian..

    Get up - drink 2 glass of warm water
    Breakfast - idli/dosa/poha/upma etc any one
    and 2% milk with bournvita
    lunch - 3 chapati no ghee
    sabji / dal
    pulav or rice with dal or kadhi

    dinner - same as lunch

    My biggest weakness is around 6.00 pm i start binging on food all sort of junk foods..

    please help me with some tips and motivation

  5. Dear Sonal,

    Sorry for the late reply, was caught up in some work.

    Here are the points.

    1. Weigh yourself weekly and always target your weight on week by week basis.

    2. Right way to weigh is early in the morning after loo without clothes on. This will give you the exact weight. So before starting do weigh yourself.

    3. You diet is high carbs, the best way to start correcting it is to reduce a small amount from each meal. DO not make the mistake of making drastic change. Gradual change should be the key.

    4. DIET

    Breakfast - Have whatever you are having but try going easy with bournvita.

    Mid morning - Have an apple or any other fruit here. This will help you to feel less hungry at lunch

    Lunch- Instead of 3 chappathies this week go for 2. Compensate 1 chapathi with salads, daal and vegetables. This is one good trick. Always accompany your meals with lots of salad, if possible a bowl of soup, sabji, roti. This will create bulk and help you feel full.

    6:00 pm - This is your hunger clock. This is the time when you are at your weakest. SO be prepared here.

    1. Have bhel with microwaved sprouts, cucumber,onions, green chutney and murmura. You can have a nice big bowl.


    2. You can have 1 roti that you left in lunch with sabji, daal, salad, soup. Make a nice plate and enjoy


    3. Make a loaded veggie brown bread sandwich. Stuff it with lots of cucumber, tomato and salad leaves and have with tea.

    You need to eat something solid at 6.00 pm. This only will help you stop from binging Junk

    Dinner - Follow same rule as the lunch. Reduce the roties and increase salads, soup and vegetables.

    Never combine roti and rice together.

    If you want to eat rice, then prepare starch less rice.

    Non negotiable rules to follow

    1. Throw out all junk from your house. If its there then you will eat it simple.

    2. AT 6.00 pm if you cannot make yourself eat healthy then you are not hungry. Hunger cannot be specific to junk food.

    3. 30 minutes walk is a must. You can walk inside your house for 30 minutes or on terrace or in balcony. But 30 minutes movement is a must.


    5. Take your weight after this week and let me know. We will again make changes in your diet.

    The trick is to reduce calorie intake but to feel full and satisfied all the time.

    Sonal slowly but surely you will reduce your weight. DO write to me in case of any doubts or if you are feeling demotivated or low.

    Lets do it together.

    Have a great day ahead.


  6. hello dear,i like ur post,its very on my way to loose 83 kg now...23yr old...1 month before..i was 88..n by controlling my diet ant 30 min walking help me to loose 5 it ok for a start...n sumtimees i feel not to go 4r walk,even i loose weight...hw 2 motivate weight is 32 kg it will be a long way 4r achieving the hw 2 keep goin...reply

  7. Dear Unnati,

    Welcome to my blog. You lost 5 kgs in one month, thats a good start, very few people have that kind of start.

    You should walk 5 - 6 days in a week. So if you are completing 5 days of walking then you are doing good. Mark your progress in a calendar this way you will push yourself to exercise.

    Also search for fun activities such as dancing. On days when you do not feel like walking go for another aerobic activity.

    We all go through this feeling of not wanting to exercise but we have to push ourselves. If you want to loose 32 kgs then you will have to be committed, there is no way out.

    Do keep me updated with your weight loss progress.

    All the best.




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