Monday, January 11, 2010

Loosing Weight Against All Odds.

If you think that you have a busy life, commitments, illness that prevents you to start weight loss, I suggest you think again.

I had a slip disc and because of mistreatment I ended up on bed for 2 months which ended up weakening my right leg. Even the task of walking 5 minutes without my pain killers was killing.

I suffered from pain every single day from 2007 to 2009. The only house activity I did was to cook food and my husband did the rest. To go for my job I would take pain killers to sustain myself through the day and I used to walk limping on one leg.

So reducing weight without exercise was the only option for me but we all know how well it works??? right.

Anyways, I started walking in my backyard for 15 minutes and of course I ended up with having pain. Still I decided to walk at least 15 minutes daily. Exercise never kills anyone. Gradually my strength increased and I stopped painkiller all together. I would walk in my backyard for at least 30-40 minutes. Now walking in the backyard means lazy walking but it was a start and I lost few kgs in my backyard.

Icing on the Cake. This came when the company my husband and I used to work for went into loss (we all know what Dubai is going through right now.) and the best option was to make a change while we still had a job.

My husband got a job in Muscat and we decided to shift. Now shifting meant leaving my house, leaving the security and regime for weight loss. I was 79 kgs when I went to India and we all know what happens in India. Family feeds you, friends feeds you and there is food every where. Moreover, we were staying at my place, my in laws place, visiting relatives. This meant haywire eating schedule.

Before leaving my house in UAE, I thought I will at least maintain 79 kgs, if I won't loose anymore.

Once in India and surrounded by all that food, I stuck to my regime of walking but I used to walk on terrace because I was afraid of dogs on the street.

The real break through came when I went to my sister's place and stayed there for 2 months. She had a society, so I could go for a walk without any fears of traffic or dogs. I not only increased my walking pace, I also increased my walking time to 60 minutes.

As on the food front, I stuck to my papaya and soup for dinner.

People had all the advise to give me, to let me know that I have a big frame and would never loose much weight. They told me its my body structure that is huge, they told me I can do whatever I want to once I get back to my home, to at least eat and enjoy while on this vacation, but I still hung to my belief.

My slip disc is long gone, in fact I get emails from people suffering from this condition to know how to get back to normal life without operation.

So, if you think its easy for others to loose weight because of their life style, its not. My chances of loosing weight, with a back injury and traveling for 5 months, were as good as null.

Still I lost and I lost most of the weight in being in conditions which were supposedly my biggest obstacles.

Remember, bigger the obstacle greater the glory in overcoming it.

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  1. wow!! your amazing, you had so much motivation and determination.


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