Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Hero.

If life has the answer of why others are thin and you are not. Then it also answers the question why others are so fat.

Here is another character of my life who answers such a question.

Brother -in-law (Jiju) - My Jiju (my sister's husband) and I really gel well. Both of us are extremely fond of food and both turns a deaf ear to my sister's constant nagging about our life style. My Jiju lost a great eating buddy when I started weight loss.

He is 6ft tall and here is a typical day in life on my Jiju

1. Morning - Gets up at 6:00 am, helps my sister with the kids. At 8:00 am he has his breakfast and leaves for office.

2. Breakfast
- its 4 breads + 2 eggs OR 2-3 aloo sandwiches OR 2 servings of a big plate of Poha/Upma.

3. He has an office job where he sits the whole day. Lunch is around 1/1:30 pm which is 3-4 chapattis + sabji.

4. He usually snacks in office. Evening he will either eat something at office cafeteria like a patty/samosa etc.

5. He is back by 6.00 pm and eats something from the fridge. Be it a sandwich, a piece of cake, namkeen chudwa anything.

6. Between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm he has his dinner which is usually from outside. It is 3-4 times a week, 1 chicken hakka noodles, the big restaurant amount serving. He loves outside food and that too Chinese food. And he wants it atleast 3-4 times a week sometimes he will eat daily outside. If he is eating at home it is 3 -4 chapattis and sabji. He will retire to bed by 10.00 pm.

He is usually tired from office work and he weighed 96 kgs. Clearly he is eating far more than he requires.

Weakness - Food. He just loves to eat outside food. Its his habit.

Strength - He can exercise.

When I kept smiling at him while he was having his lovely meals, after few days of my smiling torture he gave in. He said the golden words "I too want to loose weight".
Well, I told him to start eating out only at weekends and go for a walk in the society. Thats what he did. Lastly I heard, he weighed 92 kgs and is regular with his walk. In fact he is so committed to walking, that he took his shoes and walking clothes to a party, excused himself for 40 minutes and once his walk was over came back and enjoyed the party. Once the weight started going down he also started eating more often at home.

People who have weakness have great strength too. My Jiju never exercised in his life, no one knew he would end up being so committed. My Jiju, though had to really fight the urge to eat out showed real commitment for exercise.

The luckiest people are those who have not yet started with weight loss, meaning, have not yet started exercising. This means the first 5 kgs will go off easily by making little shift in their life styles.

Start by making small shifts and then once you start seeing the difference try enhancing the changes. In my Jiju's case, he can't eat in between meals at office, so no frequent small meals for him but as he was happy with the results of walking he decided to join a gym. He also travels a lot. He is not regular with the gym but is regular with his walks. No exercise in a month is far worse than some exercise in a month. His weight loss is not rapid because of the nature of his job, it is slow but it is happening.

Sit and analyze your weakness and strengths and work around them for maximum impact. If you have a weakness you will be astound to discover your strength.

Even if you are buried deep down in work there is someway out. If you can't exercise in weekdays workout on weekends.

There is simply no excuse for not starting with weight loss. You are not the only person who is busy, look around and you will find people busier than you attempting to loose weight.


  1. I think you jiju was not having a bad eating life style.Only thing was that he was having long gap between his meals.
    If he can reduce his afternoon chapatis and dinner to half and eat a plate of salad then he can lose lot of weight without much of an effort.

    Also dinner and bed time should have 2 hour difference at least

  2. Dear Anamika,

    You are right. As of now he has done really great and has lost lot of weight and inches. He is also super regular with his walks and gym now. I am happy for him.

    Gaps in meals is a real kill, one end up being so hungry that by the end of the day one breaks. Same is true for having dinner atleast 2 hours before sleeping.

    Have a great day ahead.



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  4. Dear Anamika,

    Thanks buddy for your advise. When I started this blog I never thought people will like it, I am so happy with the response I am getting.

    You have an awesome blog.




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