Monday, January 11, 2010

Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Butter on My Bread.

I am a breakfast person and that too a bread person. I just love my toast of bread with egg or my buttered toast with tea.

Now, lets face it, its a dream to have butter and bread but I can't have it on daily basis. In fact at present there is no butter in my home.

This is a substitute I discovered that I can happily apply in good amount on my bread and enjoy my breakfast without missing the butter.

Its called hummus. It has a very delicate and subtle taste. I just love it on my bread. This is my breakfast 5 days a week, toast and hummus with tea. Its easy, delicious and healthy.

You can google for recipe, here I am giving how I make it. Don't forget to make adjustment as per your need.

Ingredients :

1. Chickpeas - 1 cup

2. Curd - 2-3 tsp. You can add more curd to make the consistency like a paste.

3. 1 green chili.

4. 2 tsp olive oil.

5. 1/4 (4-5 drops )of lemon. You can add more if you like.

6. 2-3 cloves of garlic (optional).

7. Salt to taste.

Method :

Soak chickpeas over night and then boil. In a grinder, add chickpeas, green chili, curd, garlic and salt. Grind to a paste.

Take it out in a air tight jar and add olive oil and lemon and mix well. Keep in fridge. This can be used for 4-5 days.



  1. Shiva, Is this the one that is there in the 'falafil' that we get here in the gulf? I've had it in the Petra Restaurants.

  2. Dear Sruthi,

    Yeh, its the same thing :). I make it with less olive oil and no tahini :)

    Have a great day ahead.




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