Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where is the Start.

Every time when I decided to lose weight I would tell myself this is the start. From tomorrow I will eat less and will start exercise. No more oily food, no fats, no sweets nothing. I will live on boiled food. The next day would start with enthusiasm only to end up in a big failure.

After sometime as things were not moving in the direction I would like them to move, I started thinking where should I start from. I would go back to eating big amount of food, it was yo yoing between trying to start and ending up to fail.

And it still happens. If I am off my schedule for few days I am back to square one struggling to start.

So lets define start here.

Starting weight loss :

If you want to start with weight loss this piece of information will help you and you will be glad to know that there is NO START.

There is no starting point in weight loss. To get your body in the groove to start losing weight all you have to do is eat the same kind of food but a little less quantity and introduce some walking. Thats all, period. You don't have to start with eating boiled veggies and banning all food.

If you want to be successful with weight loss then you will have to condition your mind and body to start adjusting to the new changes. If you are too strict the probability to break is more.

My weight loss happened when I never planned a start, all I planned was to keep eating what I eat but a little lesser amount and start walking.

Once you get going with weight loss its only then you start making more changes to aim for a further loss.

Starting after a break:

Oh my, this is the worst. If you are on a vacation and have been eating outside food and no exercise then getting back to routine is major kill.

I keep postponing getting back, my heart will throb and I will get this deep dark sinking feeling before starting exercising.

So all I do is tell myself that I will be just regular. So the first week after the break, I eat homemade sensible food and am regular with the gym/walk. I don't train heavily the first week. I concentrate on being regular and do not concentrate on exercising heavily. The heavy training routine starts in the second week after the vacation, the first one is dedicated on just being regular.

There is this one amazing truth about losing weight : If you take a break from your exercise and diet routine, you loose 80% of your stamina and of course you will gain weight. But once you get back to exercising, you will have to start from zero, that means your body will have to struggle and the weight loss will start happening. Building back on stamina is a great effort for body and it utilizes lot of calories in doing that. So a break after all is fruitful.

The start is where you look for it. It is right there in your plate disguised as smaller eating portions. It is right there in you shoe rack disguised as walking shoes.


  1. The best part for me was right at the end of the post - the part about smaller portions and walking shoes. That kind of sums up everything!

  2. Dear Rad,

    Thanks birdie for your appreciation. How are you doing?? Its always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. Heyy you changed your profile pic!

  4. This is what i am facing and i hate it...

    I exercise during week days then i visit my inlaws every weekend and my schedule goes for a toss.

    when i come back it takes me 1-2 days to start going to the gym again.

  5. Yessss dear Rads

    I did changed my profile pic.

  6. Dear Anamika,

    This is a real kill for me. So, the first week after a break is just getting into the routine, the training starts from the next week. I guess this happens with everyone.

    Have a great day ahead.



  7. Hey Shiva,

    How u doing?

    Miss your daily post:)..Write more yaar..

  8. Dear Anamika,

    Thanks buddy for waiting for my post. I will surely update.

    I am doing great. How about you??

    Have a great day ahead.




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