Monday, August 6, 2012

The Roti Maker

One of the most important aspect of sustainable weight loss is to concentrate on diet i.e to cook tasty low calorie food. As we all know that life is not always very rosy and once the honeymoon weight loss period is over a sudden realization, that you are spending most your time cooking food,hits home hard.
Common sense told me that I should reduce my intake of simple carbs and move to healthy complex carbs. In past I used to take rice for my lunch to office because it was easier to cook. With roti not only I had to knead the darn dough but also have to roll it, wait for the pan to get hot,make it and finally wash the utensils as well. Its next to impossible for me to make roties in morning, I am really lazy at that time of the day to do anything except eating my breakfast.

I came up with methods like preparing roties for a week and then reheating them in microwave which I still agree is a good way if you have less time on your hands. I prepared my husband's lunch box at night(with sabji and roti and all). I continued doing it for a long time but the charm of fresh hot roties always haunted me. Roties prepared in morning remain soft and fresh till lunch but the problem was that I hated rolling and making them at that time of the day.

Then one incident made me the proud owner of the magic cooking wand. I had called few people for dinner and right at the time of rolling out roties the gas cylinder gave up on me. I had no idea what to do with so many hungry guest waiting for dinner. Suddenly my friend told me not to worry, she asked her husband to get the roti maker from her house. I stood there and watched the magic work, we finished making steaming hot roties for 10 people in maximum of 5 minutes. I was super impressed with the result. The roties that we were making were the ones that we eat during fasting (Navratri time), if you have ever made these roties you will understand how cunning they are, how difficult it is to roll and cook them. On that day, at that time I made up my mind to purchase a roti maker.

Ever since I got my roti maker I have stopped making roties the traditional way. What I like most about this machine is the ease with which I can make different kind of parathas YES parathas with extremely less oil. The steam and the heat help the parathas to cook evenly and whatever little fat I apply on top gets evenly spread.

You can do lot of variations with roties, from simple milk roties to grated veggie stuffed roti, just let your imagination run wild. All you have to do is knead the dough, make the dough ball, press the damn machine and viola roti is prepared.

Points that impressed me about this machine

1. Quick preparation time. For my husband's tiffin I can make the roties in matter of 2 minutes and they stay soft till lunch.

2. No washing of utensils (thank god).

3. Variety of roties that I can make. Sometimes carrying a tiifin of roti and veggies is not possible, so instead of eating lunch at office canteen a healthier verison would be to take stuff parathas (wrapped in a foil) which can then be eaten with market bought curd.

Few of my preparations

1. Payaaz Paratha

2. Methi Paratha

3. Oil free thin Khakras

4. Multi Grain Roti

5. Lauki Thepla

 Now the big question - Will you lose weight if you buy a roti maker.

Ofcourse Not. Roti maker simply helps you to make variety of roties faster. If you have less time or the task of rolling out roties and waiting for the pan to get hot seems boring to you then give this machine a try.

How much does it cost - 1500 rupees (approx).

Which brand should you buy - Any brand which suits your budget and is durable.

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