Monday, January 11, 2010

Diet Aaj Kal

When I was 20, I had this whole notion of writing dairy. It was not a food dairy, it was a romantic dairy. I did write to the dairy for a whole year. Now this dairy somehow always stayed with me and I never had the heart to tear it and I had never read it until few days back.

Almost all the pages of the dairy were filled with my desire to be 36-24-36, sorrow of being laughed at, sorrow of my friends being petite and beautiful, promise that from next day I will go on a liquid diet, remorse and sadness of being extremely hungry in middle of the diet and leaving it.

I am 31 now, and I want to reach out and hug that 20 year old young girl hidden in my dairy. I want to tell her that she is just as beautiful as anyone else around and there is no need for her to go on a liquid diet.

Now I have never been an active young person. My activity was watching TV and strolling on my terrace (if you count that as exercise). I was not in sports and never enrolled in activity classes.

Now one page in the dairy was my gold mine, it gave me a sneak peak of my diet back then and here it is.

22 Oct 1999

Breakfast - 2 dosas and tea

Lunch - 2 roties, brinjal bharta, rice khichadi.

Evening - 2 roties and brinjal bharta.

Dinner - 2 roties and egg curry.

Can you see that, I had 6 roties and 2 dosas in a day. Those were my non exercising days. Now I train hard, the least being 45 minutes of cardio and I still don't eat that much.

Now a typical entry of early 2009, before my weight loss started. No exercise involved here too. I am a software engineer and was working. So sitting at my desk the whole day was the only exercise I did.

7 January 2009

Breakfast - Veg sandwich + tea.

Lunch - Rice and daal.

Evening - Biscuits

Dinner - 3 Muli Paratha + 1 orange + 1 plate macaroni with cheese.

wow, eating habits really don't change much until and unless you decide to change them for good .

Now my present day diet.

I am a late riser, so my breakfast and lunch are combined.

9 January 2010

Breakfast- 2 breads + hummus + 1 cup tea

4:30 - 5 dried apricots.

Elliptical trainer for 45 minutes on load 8 and 10.

6:00 pm -Just after training - 1 slice tofu + 1 cheese slice coffee.

7:30 pm - 1 orange + 1/2 small papita

9:00 pm dinner - l bowl of soup + 2-3 small spoons rice + sabji + vegetable sambhar. I add little rice for my satisfaction, remember 2-3 tsp of rice is less and that too I am talking about starch less rice here.

If you ask me to eat the amount of food I used to eat I will simply burst. I eat frequently and I eat till I feel full but still I don't eat as much as I used to.

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  1. im new to yr blog..I enjoyed reading this post. I used to get teased for being thin. There are days I really wished I was fat. U look fabulous.

  2. Dear Sak,

    Thanks for visiting the blog and thanks for appreciating it. I thought no one reads it so I stopped updating it. You yourself is such a gorgeous looking girl, I wonder who will ever laugh at you.

    Have a great day ahead.

  3. right now its big frequent meals after 4pm for me, and im always bloated when going to going to change that to small frequent meals so i can shrink my tummy...

  4. yours is one of the most honest blogs out here. I am reading each one of your stories end to end. I feel we have so much in common except that I always was an active person but at the same time I love food.Thats why I have a food blog :-)and not a weight watcher's one. But I have come a long way, and risen from my poor body image issues. But your blog provides a lot of hope for all those misguided souls out there, who want short cuts to being thin and fabulous.

  5. Dear SLiceOfMyLife,

    You have such a lovely blog. And I can never imagine that you ever had poor body image issues. You look lovely :).

    There are no short cuts to weight loss. But its worth while to take this journey because it not only change the physical self but also transforms one from within.

    Have a great day ahead.



  6. nice blog shiva. enjoyed reading your blog link too.

  7. Dear Smile,

    Thanks a ton for liking my blog.




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