Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Bored Bridegroom

One character of my life to whom I am really attached to and on whom I can do all my weight loss experiments is my husband. My husband is a Punjabi and a complete foodie at heart.

Its a sin to offer him a paratha without butter. A sure shot way to hell is to commit a greater sin of making his paratha without ghee.

This is a typical day in the life of my husband.

1. He gets up at 6:30 am and leaves by 8/8:30 am to office. If the wife is sleeping and is in no mood to cook and when all the attempts to wake her up has failed, breakfast is cornflakes and milk. This is his most frequent breakfast. The days when wife does get up, he is lucky to get a veg sandwich with a glass of milk (those days he leaves for office with a happy smile on his face.)

2. He is back for lunch at 2:30 pm. Which is 2 chapattis, sabji, dhal, raita and soup.

3. He does snack out without the knowledge of his wife. And when he feels guilty about cheating his wife, he holds her hands and looks in her eyes and confess his adultery.

4. He is back by 6:00 pm sometime 7:00 pm, has some small snack. Dinner is served between 8:00 pm to 9:00 which is almost similar to lunch.

Past has seen my husband over eating, he will count 2 samosa's as 1, standing instructions to me were start counting the parathas only when 5 are over, that is, only when he has finished 5 parathas should I ask him how many more he will still have.

Strength - He will give up outside food any day for a meal at home. It doesn't bother him to eat at home. We don't eat out frequently and he is comfortable with that.

Weakness - There is absolutely no way this man would ever stand on an exercising machine. I have done everything to make him workout but he simply won't budge. He is ready to eat less but he won't exercise. For years he told me that Yoga is his real calling and would end up doing only the relax asana. Then he said Yoga is boring and he would soon join a Gym. He is always too tired to join a gym. If I tell him Gym he says Yoga, if I agree to Yoga he says Gym. Is there anyway to tame this creature.

Like other men he won't eat small meals at office as he is busy. My only success with him is to give him nice home made meals which are less in calories and amount.

January 2009 he was 94, then till November 2009 he was 91. Jan 2010 he is 88 kgs.

If you can't get yourself to exercise, (Which you one day have too, you can't keep loosing weight without exercise, the weight will stop dropping after sometime), then start with healthy meals of right amount. You will surely see the difference.

The crucial point is starting. You just can't sit and dream about your target, at some point you will have to take a tiny first step towards the goal. The tiny first step is the most important part, without it your journey won't start, without it you will never achieve your goal.

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