Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Back on Track

There are days when we make a resolution to start our diet and loose weight no matter what


There are days when we eat and eat and eat and tell ourselves 'let me eat today and then I will diet tomorrow' OR 'I have already eaten so much and have gone off track so let me eat today'.

The next morning that follow such days, we rise and shine, have light breakfast or probably because we have decided to diet we skip it altogether. By afternoon we are hungry and because we have decided to diet we eat less. Hunger pangs strikes us in the evening and by night we have again eaten everything in sight. We go back to bed with a resolution that from next morning NO Matter What we are dieting again.

The pattern keeps repeating which might lead to weight gain or depression and the realization that weight loss is so damn tough.

When I was young I wrote a dairy and it is full of such pattern. Everyday I told
myself I will go on water diet and end up eating like hell by evening. I was obsessed with water diet back then.

So what is a great way to get back on track OR to start dieting.

Get back to the basic foods and never stay hungry - Its actually very easy. Even if you had eaten and eaten and stuffed yourself the previous night don't make the mistake of skipping your breakfast the next day in the name of diet .

The smartest way is to pick a basic food like roti, daal or khichadi (this works for me) and eat that food. If you think about it, we all have a specific dish which is low in calories and which fills our stomach.

What I do is I eat that dish in good quantity which satisfy my mind and my hunger as well. Its up to you how you make it as healthy as possible.

My favorite is the khichadi. I use 1 handful of rice and lentil (3 times the amount of rice), I add lots of vegetables to it and pressure cook it. I have it for my lunch with a bowl of raita (the one shown in the pic is not very healthy but that was all I had in the house, try experimenting with cucumber, carrot, bottle gourd raitas) and I also have it for dinner.

It ensures that I have my little carbs with protein and vegetables. As a small quantity rice results in a full pressure cooker of khichadi, I can have stomach full of it.

As my stomach is full I no longer feel the urge to eat something high cal nor do I become so weak that I end up eating anything in sight.

Psychologically, my mind and body perceives it as NO Deprivation. I am eating at free will.

Once we start eating this kind of food for lunch and for dinner the urge to binge decreases, we can then proceed to bring other changes like opting for cracked wheat/ daliya instead of rice, etc.

This works for me but for you it can be something very different. The point is the dish that you pick be it idli sambhar OR khichadi Or roti sabji, it should be less in calories than what you have been eating for past couple of days (and are off track in terms of your diet).

With 2 or 3 days of such low cal food which I love eating (stomach full) I am back on track and there is a shift in weight too.

So, the thumb of the rule when getting back on track is to eat all 3 meals properly. The more you decide to eat less to get back on track the more you will keep derailing.

Eating basic healthy food and not being hungry is the smartest way to start your diet. Give it a try, it might work for you.


  1. It looks yummy Shiva.

    A very happy Diwali to you and your family :)My advanced wishes:)

  2. Hi,
    I came across your getting fit blog and I am so happy to find an Indian here in weight loss blog world. I have also signed up and am starting a weight loss blog of mine.

    Hope we can stay in touch!

  3. hi Shiva!
    nice blog.We are likeminded lets be in touch.


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