Friday, April 2, 2010

Weight Loss and The Magic of Clothes

In fat old days no matter what I wore it always ended up in one way on me and I always looked the same in those clothes, I looked fat always.

This first time round when I did managed to lose some weight I never changed the pair of clothes because I thought, come on they still fit me and are so comfy now, so let me wear them for a while. Loose clothes and that too the old ones soon made me go in the comfort zone of thinking I am thin and I never knew when they became tight again.

This time around I was sure not to repeat the mistake. But then I didn't want to keep spending on clothes which keep getting loose. When I went to India no one seem to notice my change as I was still in loose clothes. So, when I was in Ajmer, I saw some beautiful Kurties and they were just 100 bucks. I decided to get the figure hugging ones. That was a start of getting compliments and people noticing that I have changed.

I came across an article which said its always better to wear clothes which show some bulges as that prevent you to overeat and make you conscious. I followed that tip to the core. The family gathering were always dreadful, it meant hotel food. The flowing bulges from the Kurties took care of my drooling tongue and when you wear figure hugging clothes believe me you can't eat much.

This is me in a hotel and yes black might hide it, but the bulges are there and I am practically trying to suck in my tummy, put my hand in front so that the bulges don't appear in the pic. The fear of the bulges appearing in the pic never stopped me from wearing a fitting dress outside because I was always confident about loosing them. My fitting kurti was a constatnt reminder of reality, what I am and what I am trying to be.

Clothes are important, if you keep wearing loose clothes you will be in the false notion always. You won't even know when you over ate or gave into your indulgence. So, think smart and wear smart.

Invest in few smaller size clothes which fit you closely, there is no problem if you want to buy the cheap stuff, I do it. I buy from sale these days and they do the trick perfectly. I even have a dress which is a size smaller and I try it on every month to see my progress.

Clothes makes you feel beautiful and they make you appreciate your body more. I never bought the crap of dressing according to age. What the hell, I lost weight when I am not in my twenties so should I give up my desire to wear what I want, no way. Clothes are your way of celebrating your body which you worked hard to carve. Each and every curve of your body came out because you decided to lose weight. No matter what your age, what your status, wear what reflects your personality and what makes you happy.

Few Suggestions.

1. Just for comparison, keep few loose old clothes, rest donate or keep for your pregnancy.

2. A big No to loose pants. Come on you are a woman be proud of it. Plus tight pants means less food.

3.If you are on weight loss and have lost some weight, then go for smaller size dresses for motivation. Let some bulges show, believe me its tried and tested. Go have a dinner in a dress which shows your tummy bulge when you sit (I have done that), let me know how the dinner went (when I was loosing weight, it made me sad because I didn't want a bulge and there it was right on my tummy so it meant I better check my plate if I want to loose).

4. You are a queen and you deserve to dress well. Most years of my life I wore T shirt and pants, guess what I was fat in all those years. This is me in my classic dress.

5. Just because you are fat is not an excuse not to be your best. Sometimes I meet such gorgeous women who inspite of their weight will give complex to smartly dress thin girls. They are this way because they decided to celebrate their womanhood no matter what their size.

You might not agree to me on this but for me the charm of clothes does weave the magic.

Loosing weight will be all the more fun if you decide to dress to kill.

I am a plain jane but wearing small size clothes brings me all happiness in this world.

Hahaha, this is one more classic snap. Old fat snaps are so much fun.

These are my latest snaps.


  1. Hii..first time on your blog and love it. Haven't read it fully yet but already know this is going to be really motivational to work out and eat right.


  2. Hello,
    Your blog is great. Though this information is not useful for me, I am thinking it will boost the confidence of all those women/men who wants to loose weight.
    Keep it up.

    Shiva, you are looking gorgeous .

    Pravin (Shiva's Best Friend)

  3. Hahaha Pravin,

    I will pray to god ki someday you become fat and you will need this info too.

    Thanks for commenting.



  4. hey shiva,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Fat or slim u look cute, im loving the new slim you. Great update post.


  5. Hey, you look great! Congratulations for losing weight.

  6. Dear Yuvna,

    Thanks for your compliment.

    Have a great day ahead.



  7. You know I never got my self clicked when I was fat.....I wish i could do that so that I could post them on my blog;)

  8. Dear Anamika,

    I would love to see your before and after pics. Do find an old one.

    Have a great day ahead.




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