Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baked Mathri

This dish was invented out of desperation. I was looking for a mini meal option which was around 150 calories and which could keep me feeling full for atleast 2 hours. I wanted to avoid going the BISCUIT way because when I am hungry I can easily finish a packet of biscuit. So, I started searching for something that can be considered as complex carb, will not make my sugar levels rocket high and will take care of my hunger as well.

So, I mixed the complex carbs like oats, wheat barn together and baked them and the result was quiet good.

Before you start with this recipe let me be honest with you and tell you that it does not taste like traditional mathri, it looks like mathri but taste different but good.

Also the use of yeast is optional, I use it to make my mathri more chewy but I am planning to avoid it from the next batch that I make.


1. 1 cup oats
2. 1 cup wheat bran
3. half cup wheat flour.
4. Flax and sesame seeds (2-3 tablespoon), ground into powder.
5. 1 tsp oil.
6. Handful crushed peanuts (optional)
7. 2 large onions finely chopped.
8. Onion seeds.
9. 1 - 2 tsp of white flour for dusting (optional)
10. 2 tsp yeast (optional)
10. Salt to taste.


1. Mix oats, wheat,barn, add in the onion, peanuts and seed mix, add the yeast and salt and add water to bind into a dough. The dough not be like a roti dough, it will be crumbly and sticky.

2. If you are using yeast then leave the flour to rise for half an hour. If you are not using yeast then directly proceed to step 3.

3. Divide the dough in small round balls. Now, sprinkle little white flour on each dough ball and flatten. Dip your finger in the oil and just slightly brush on both the side of the mathri, add the onion seeds and press them well in the mathri.

4. Slightly grease the baking tray.I use oil spray. Remember to keep the amount of oil less, for 12 mathries I use 1 tsp of oil. A slight oil quoting is required to give them the crisp and hard texture.

5. Bake the mathries at highest temperature of your oven. You need to check on them after 10 minutes and also change the side. Take them out when they are crisp and hard.

6. Cool and store in the fridge. They behave themselves for a week.


  1. shiva

    kya mast bani hai mummy ko bol kar kal hi banwata hun hahahhaha

  2. Love these form of mathris...unique and healthy.

    First time here..you share a wonderful space. glad to follow you!

    Inviting you to mine,

  3. Dear Anshu,

    Thanks for liking the recipe and thanks for liking my blog space too.

    Have a great day ahead.




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