Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drastic or Gradual???

When we think of weight loss the picture that comes in our mind is of very less food. If you are fat then in all probability, no matter how much you deny this fact, you love eating and are a heavy eater. When I tell people that start by reducing little they are always confused. So I thought I will put the mathematics behind the logic in an article so that it will clear things up.

1. Fat days diet - In past my breakfasts were always heavy (and still are), my lunch and dinner typically were 2 rotis and a good amount of rice with dhal and sabj. In between meals there will endless munching on namkeens, chips etc. Then I Googled the sites which told me my calorie consumption to be at 85 Kgs. I was taking above 2500 calories to be on that weight. So as long as I was eating that amount of food, following that lifestyle my weight was stuck at 85 Kgs. To gain I had to eat more to lose I had to eat less.

2. The weight shift - Its very simple. Bringing in the exercise no matter how small will burn calories and making a little diet shift also make sure the calorie intake is less so the weight shifts.

3. Why shouldn't I drastically reduce my appetite - Recently I met a person whose reaction after knowing that I reduced 19 kgs of weight was "I lost 15 kgs in 4 months, but the difficult part is maintaining". She gained all her weight back. This is what happens when you make drastic changes. To me maintaining is a natural process as my eating habits have changed for good. To go back to 85kgs I have to eat above 2500 calories with no exercise at all.

So when you drastically change your diet - you are suppressing hunger and of course restricting yourself. The probability of feeling frustrated and losing control is extremely high. People who lose weight quickly also gain it back quickly. The fault lies behind controlling yourself too much so that one day you break.

4. Slowly reducing the diet - This will trick your mind in thinking that nothing much has changed so satisfaction level is always maintained. Usually body takes time to adapt to the new change in diet. So reduce a little till your weight stops dropping further and then again make a change

So here are the steps

1. If you eat 6 rotis, make a change to 4 (not 2) and include exercise. Stick to this regime till your weight stops dropping. when the weight doesn't move go to step 2.

2. Shift to 2 rotis and increase exercise. Stick to this regime till your weight stop dropping. When the weight doesn't move go to step 3.

3. By the time you have reached step 3 you have lost considerable amount of weight, in the process you have also trained your body to eat less. Finally make an adjustment to the diet to drop off the last kilos.

Just in case if you still do not believe, I suggest trying never hurts. Follow the above steps, avoid high calorie food and see the difference.

Why eat extremely less and end up feeling hungry and frustrated when the results can be achieved by eating the same food and gradually decreasing the amount.

If you want to lose weight, eat yummy food for life and still look thin then you will have to teach yourself the art of eating less. The weight maintenance should be a natural process, you should not fight to maintain your weight. You will have to train your body to eat the amount of food that you can burn off easily. This can only be achieved slowly and gradually.

Always remember that in the end the Tortoise always win.


  1. I wish I could print this out, enlarge it and send it to people - just that it will be of absolutely no use. I get so irritated when people talk about eating only herbal supplements and shakes and cabbage soups!

  2. Hey Shiva,

    Wonderful post.I always wait for your post as they are logical and written from heart..

    I truly believe in what you said but man you lost 19kgs is quite an achievement.

  3. Dear Rads,

    You know once I tried GM diet and gave up in one day, atkins lasted only half day. I cannot seriously imagines a life without food.

    Food is my birth right and I shall have it.

    Have a great day ahead.



  4. Dear Anamika,

    Thank you so much dear. I have lost 20 kgs by now and am I just at the borderline of making it 21 kgs.

    Have a great day sweetheart.



  5. Hey in how much time did u lost all this weight Shiva..??

  6. Im on bed for the last one year and now.. im dreading 10th May when i'll stand up on my feet and step on the weighing machine.. to add to my misery i'll most probably be getting engaged after 15 july thats is after juat 2 months.. God how will i lose all this weight.. and i dont know when i will be allowed to exercise

  7. Dear Priyanka,

    I was on bed for 2 months straight and then 2 years on a high dosage of painkillers so that I could walk.

    SO babes don't take tension. Your weight will go down for sure.

    It took me 1 years completely to loose 20 kgs.

    Here are few suggestions

    1. The time that you are on bed is a powerful time. This can be a training ground for you to reduce your diet. The portion control that I talk about, you can try that. As you are not moving around you can invest time in this training.

    2. If you can do hand exercises then do so for your shoulder and back. Simple rotating movement. They seem simple, do them 500 times and they become powerful. I know a lady who did that. Start small and gradually train yourself.

    3. I am sure your doctor will suggest exercises. Ask him about small walks. And make the best of what you can do.

    You cannot change the cards you are dealt with but you can play the best hand.

    SO be a warrior don't let anything stop you. Enjoy your engagement and then slowly but surely start your weight loss programe and I am sure you will loose weight.

    Believe in yourself because I believe in you. If you need any help all you have to do is ask.

    Have a great day ahead birdie.



  8. Shiva,

    Just back from the gym

    After joining your blog i have started following my work out seriously....

    Love you babes.

    God bless you

  9. Dear Anamika,

    I am glad to hear that. Though I was feeling tired but after reading your comment I am going to gym. So thanks a lot babes.

    Love you too.



  10. hey Shiva,

    wait eagerly for your posts now. I have been trying to limit my die but whenever there is a party, I lose control (which happens at least once a week). I sincerly try to eat only salads for dinner but crave for salty food, somethinng like dal or veggies. At a lil less than 5 feet, i weigh 69kgs and it seems my weight has hit a plateau. I feel guilty mosty times yet moment I see calorie-dense foods
    (chocos, cakes, chips) I just CANNOT resist the urge. what to do??? how will i lose weight???

  11. Hey Shiva!

    Such a motivating article again. I've been on a healthy eating initiative for the past 2 months and exercise almost everyday for 20-30 mins. But... my weight has dropped by only 1 kg! I don't eat any sweets (because I'm not too fond of them), I don't drink tea/coffee (so no sugar intake), and I eat 6 small meals, which leave me very content but not over stuffed. I eat a few nuts, salads, and fruits daily too. My face has shrunk tremendously and I can see a difference in my legs and waist. So why oh why isn't my weight going down???? Any thoughts, guruji?? :)

  12. Dear Ruchi,

    1. For any weight loss at least 45 minutes of cardio is required. This is the thumb rule that I followed. Your diet seems fine. Somewhere you have to adjust the calorie intake and burning and you will see the drop in weight on the scale. One trick to do it is to do only cardio for few weeks (no weight training) while maintaining your diet, this will surely give you results on the scale. Try it out for a week.

    2. If you are closer to your ideal weight then body will resist weight loss. My weight came off easily when I was 86 kgs but once I hit 65 kgs I had a tough time ( as my ideal weight is 57kgs).

    3. Make sure to eat healthy less oil meals.

    Just give point 1 and 3 a try for 10 days and see the results. Weigh yourself once a week to measure your progress.

    All the best my girl.

    Lots of love to you.



  13. Hey Shiva!

    Thanks for such a detailed reply!

    1.I have already started with cardio for 45mins (like you had suggested to me earlier as well). Will update you in a week :)

    2. I weight around 73kg now (was 75-76kg 2 months back), so I am nowhere near my ideal weight of 56-57kg (height 5'4'')! So i guess I am a gold mine with super potential for weightloss :D

    3. I prepare my meals in a tsp of oil or 4 drops oil so thats not a problem (phew!atlease I'm doing something right!).

    Thanks again for your time, support and help, Shiva. You have no idea how much that means to us.


  14. Dear Ruchi,

    OMG, who could have guessed, you look so thin in your pic :).

    You are right you are a goldmine for weight loss.

    What kind of cardio you do.

    If you go to the gym then try out 20 minutes each of treadmill, cycling and elliptical. If you are into walking then try out sprinting, that is, walking at full speed for 5 minutes and then 2 minutes at slow pace and then again at full speed for 5 minutes, this will exhaust you. Do your workout 5-6 days a week, 1 day off is a must.

    Your diet is fine, just concentrate on your workout and do keep me updated about your weight

    Lots of love.


  15. Haha I like your 'OMG' reaction to my weight!

    I don't go to a gym, because the effort required to go is too much. I've seen that since I started working out at home, I'm regular and manage it for atleast 5 days a week if not 6. But I had to start by tricking myself into doing just these 20 minute workouts to get into the routine. Now (based on your valuable suggestion) I have increased it to 45 mins

    I actually live in Kuwait and this place is attacked by huge sandstorms these days. So I'm unable to hit my beloved beach for a nice long walk.

    I will definitely update you in a week to 10 days because I have a feeling I'm going to shed weight coz I've walked/jogged for just 3 days and already my weight has shifted by 500g :D (even 1g would have made me happy).

    Thanks a ton for your constant support. Have a good day, beautiful soul! :)

    Lots of love,


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