Thursday, April 21, 2011

Award Time

29 April 2012

Got a lovely Versatile Blogger award from Siri from Siris Food Flavours. She has a wonderful blog with lovely delicious recipes. Thanks Siri.

 21 April 2011

It was such a nice surprise to open my email and see these lovely awards. These were given to me by lovely Jyothi of The Weight Watcher Blog. Thanks a ton girl.

So, as per tradition, I need to spell out 7 facts about me. Here goes: (oh man this is gonna be tough.)

1. I am a learner. If something excites me I will dig it and learn it.

2. I like cooking but hate cook everyday.

3. I prepare whole day's meal in one or 2 hours and then do not go back to work in the kitchen.

4. I love sizzlers, they always make me drool.

5. I have recently developed weakness for softies that too a local pink one.

6. I am a Buddhist and I simply love being one.

7. I am a tea lover.

I’d like to pass on this award to some of my favorite bloggers…

1. Me Versus Fat

2. Health Food Desi Vedishi



  1. Thanks you Shiva for this shower of wonderful awards...I am glad you remembered me in your good times :)...award times are good times na !!!

  2. Dear Sangeetha,

    You deserved it hon. I am so much in love with your blog. Your recipes are wonderful and so are your write ups.

    I am glad you liked the awards.



  3. Hi Shiva, You deserve every bit of these awards and so does Sangeeta, both of you are my favourite food bloggers... love ya..

  4. Dear SOul Speak,

    Thanks a ton for your kind words. Readers like you make bloggers like me want to write more.

    Lots and lots of love to you.



  5. Hey ! Really informative blog:) I am dying to be a mom but with the excitement come the fears of gaining the weight and never loosing it. Now I feel positive. . Thanks a ton. Also are you an SGI member?

  6. Dear Pooja,

    Thanks fr finding the blog informative. If you want to lose weight after pregnancy, I am sure no one can stop you from achieving it. I lost all my pregnancy weight,so you can too.

    I am an SGI member.




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